Some reasons to choose Uruguay


Legal framework

Uruguay presents a series of competitive advantages among which we can note:

  • Free transit of foreign curencies and precious metals.
  • Floating exchange rate policies.
  • Legal tender of foreign currencies.
  • Protection of individual rights, private property and religious freedom safeguarded by the Uruguayan Constitution.


    Public security and trust

    Since 1830 the country enjoys a stable social and political situation. There is a long democratic tradition focused on the respect for private property; there is no record of government expropiations.

    Uruguay is on of the safest countries on the world. In any city and at any time you´ll feel secure.



    The Uruguayans are good hosts, educated and nice by nature. People from the countryside as well from the cities are always ready to help visitors.


    The Uruguayan gastronomy has very different origins, from the classic grill to the characteristic Spanish or Italian dishes. The Uruguayan wines, which have been acknowledged in many international competitions, are an excellent accompaniment for any of the various dishes from the country. It is also possible to have easy access to fresh and natural food.


    From any part of the world its easy to find access to Uruguay. We should add to this the good internal communications and high quality hotels with last generation equipment and professional organizations.


    The Uruguayan history can be described as a bridge between the European and the American history, with testimonies of the colonial times.

    The diversity of the Uruguayan history and the careful maintenance of its buildings, give both to the visitor and to the residents, the opportunity to be in contact with the regions past. This is trasmitted by the melancholic look to past times, which turns Uruguay into a calm spirit country, different to the rest of Latin America.


    Nice temperatures that go from 12° C average in winter to 25° C on summer. In any month of the year, the sensation is comfortable and far from extreme temperatures. The sky is clear and there are no contamination levels in the atmosphere. Uruguay occupies one of the first places on the World Ambient Sustainability Index.


    The educational levels of the population and the investments done in the principal sectors of the economy help the country to have a very favorable future forecast. As a key access to Mercosur, a market of more than 200 million inhabitants is a first class strategic territory.

    Our country is a reflection of Peace, Security and Natural life, as few places in the world can currently offer.

    Regarding the fact that the south borders the Río de la Plata and the east the Atlantic Ocean, wide beaches on its coasts can be seen which are coveted not only by the local but also by the international tourism. To the 650 Km of enjoyable oceanic coasts, tourists should add the lagoons and small coasts of rivers and streams and in this way they will have a wide spectrum of options to satisfy their various likes.

    To be located between Argentina and Brazil allows Uruguay to be at a short distance from these countries’ most important cities, as well as from other important cities in Chile and Paraguay. Uruguay is part of MERCOSUR. Its strategic location makes Uruguay a special protagonist in the market made up of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. The respect for its civil rights and its long democratic tradition – among other factors- have characterized Uruguay since its beginnings. Our country, forged since its origins with European blood, has one of the highest alphabetism rates in the world.

    Uruguay has been world wide known, since mid XX century, for its democratic order and its culture. Painters like Pedro Figari and Joaquín Torres García are two of the highest exponents of world reach. Nowadays we are able to identify other virtues such as the excellency of the tourism offered by Punta del Este, the Rural Tourism and the quality of its lands. Its quality of natural country has allowed and encouraged in a big way this kind of activities, bringing foreign tourists as well as investors.

    Approximate distances in Km between Montevideo and:

    Buenos Aires 200
    Asunción 1500
    Santiago de Chile 2000
    San Pablo 2000
    Porto Alegre 800
    Córdoba 1000
    Rosario 600
    Mendoza 2000
    Mar del Plata 700