Our firm

We are a team of professionals, with more than thirty years of local and international activity, based in Montevideo, Uruguay.

From the very beginning our priority is to offer a personalized service, to constantly keep the client informed, and advise them regarding accounting, tributary, legal, labor, financial and management disciplines of the business activities from national and international companies.

This has given us the chance to understand our clients needs, and anticipate their problems with creative and innovative solutions which are reflected in its results.

We elaborate special management reports providing information about improvements in management, internal control of the business and the operative functioning.

We have an interdisciplinary and experienced team of highly qualified professionals consisting of Accountants, Business Managers, Lawyers and Notaries. Internationally we have got solid strategic agreements, which allow us to reach efficient solutions and provide integral, effective and personalized advice

Colonia 1007 - Floor 4 - PC: 11.100 | Montevideo - Uruguay
Telephone: (+598) 2908 0171 - 2900 4180 - 2900 2163 | Fax: (+598) 2900 6484

E-mail: estudio@assandri.com

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